Becoming A Veterinary Technician As A Step To Being A Veterinarian

Stepping Up From A Veterinary Technician To Veterinarian

Everyone has their own reasons for picking a specific career path. For some, passion is the driving force.

Yet, other cases, finances and family play a huge factor also in their decisions. For me, deciding to become a veterinary technician had several different reasons.

First and foremost, it was my love and passion for animals and veterinary medicine. I absolutely love it! Finances were a second reason. I wanted to be able to earn a living yet still enjoy what I do.

A career as a veterinary technician is VERY rewarding. Flexibility and a broad spectrum of work options were also important to me.

As a veterinary technician, you have the opportunity to work many different shifts, since animals don’t get sick during just Vet examinig german shepherd, Canon 1Ds mark IIIbusiness hours. You also have the versatility of specializing in different areas, be it small or large veterinary practice, emergency medicine, oncology specialties, or even working in a pathology lab. But most importantly, I decided to become a veterinary technician as a stepping stone to becoming a veterinarian.

As many of you may know, Veterinary school is VERY competitive and at times can be cut throat. You have to present with a solid application, showing not only educational excellence but veterinary experience and passion for medicine. What better place to get seasoned and gain experience than an animal hospital, right?! I wanted to beef up my application for graduate school and have hands on experience under my belt.

Is Animal Care The Right Path

I wanted to see first-hand what veterinary medicine was all about, beyond the fluffy puppies and soft kittens.

  • Was this the right path for me?
  • Would I get queasy and pass out?
  • Can I handle the deaths, cruelty, and abuse that pets experience?
  • Can I handle poop and barf all at the same time?

These were just some of the surface questions I needed to get answers to. It was important for me to live and breathe veterinary medicine.

Gaining Experience

Experience is a vital portion of the application. I became a Vet tech during my first years of college and worked thru college to gain experience as well as pay for bills. It also gave me a chance to learn hands on. I was able to take so much of what I learned at the hospital and apply it to my text books in college. Aside from academia and hands on experience, many schools require recommendation letters from an educator and a veterinarian.

The admitting committee wants to know what others have to say about your character and whether or not you will be a good fit for their program. I was able to build strong lasting relationships with the veterinarians I worked with. Working directly with veterinarians I learn something new every day, exemplify excellence in my abilities and show them my potential. When the time comes, I know

I will not have to chase or beg anyone or a reference. They will gladly write it for me.

Becoming a veterinary technician was one of the best career decisions I’ve yet to make. I am able to enjoy a rewarding career with flexibility and so many growth opportunities.

Aside from loving what I do, I know I’m making a difference in the lives of many people and animals, while getting one step closer to becoming a vet.

This is part of a series from Vet Tech Stories, stories from actual veterinarians, vet techs and other persons in the veterinary medicine field.