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What Do Vet Techs Wear On The Job

Vet Techs and Clothing

The American animal care sector is showing strong and sustained growth. Many Americans consider their companion animals just as deserving of high quality health care as the human members of their family. Because of this, veterinary technicians are finding themselves in greater demand than ever before.

However, one important part of being an effective vet tech is to understand what types of clothes are best suited to the vet tech’s daily duties.

Vet Tech Clothes

vet tech clothingVet techs must wear clothes that allow them to effectively carry out their duties while also presenting a pleasant and professional appearance to the veterinary staff and any customers that may encounter the vet tech.

In addition, vet techs must have access to clothes that can be worn during surgical procedures or other events that may result in contact with blood or other bodily fluids.

Finally, vet techs must understand that this field involves long periods of standing and physical activity and so must ensure that their clothes are comfortable over the course of the workday.


One of the most important parts of a vet tech’s clothing is his or her shoes. Because a vet tech will spend a great deal of time standing, he or she must choose shoes that are comfortable and avoid muscle fatigue.

In addition, due to the presence of sharp objects such as syringes, these shoes should also provide effective protection to the vet tech’s feet.

The vet tech’s shoes must also provide adequate traction in order to avoid potential slip and fall events. This is especially true for those vet techs who are working with large animals.

Surgical Clothes

surgical vet tech scrubsFor vet techs who are assisting vet techs with surgical procedures, the best types of clothes to wear are often very similar to those worn by medical teams in hospitals.

These clothes are easy to wash and sterilize which protects the vet tech and pet alike. In most cases, a vet tech will change into these clothes before a surgical procedure and change out of them immediately after the surgery is concluded, so that the clothes can be properly washed and sterilized.

Maintaining these clothes in a sterile condition is extremely important, as improper cleaning can risk spreading disease among the animals under the vet tech’s care.

Face Protection

Some surgical or medical procedures, especially those involving diseases that may be transmittable to humans, will require the vet tech to wear some form of face protection to ensure that they do not get contaminated blood in their eyes or mouths.

This type of protection is usually provided by a plastic face shield that covers the vet tech’s face while allowing him or her to see and communicate with the rest of the veterinary care team.

Office Attire

Especially in larger veterinary clinics and laboratories, some vet techs may not be in direct contact with the animals. Whether they are working in a laboratory or dealing with the public, these vet techs may be required dress in office appropriate attire.

However, depending on their duties, it may be wise for the vet tech to also bring clothes suited to working with animals, in case an emergency or unexpected arrival results in the veterinarian requiring their assistance.

Clothes for Vet Techs Working Outdoors

vet tech outdoorsSome veterinary technicians, such as those working in zoos, farms or with wildlife management agencies, spend a great deal of time outdoors. In this case, they must also consider the type of terrain they will be working in.

For example, vet techs working in areas where venomous snakes may be should wear pants and boots that can protect them from snakebites. In addition, hot or cold climates may require that the vet tech dress appropriately in order to avoid suffering harm from the temperature.

Finally, the vet tech should select rugged clothes that can stand up to a great deal of wear. In many cases, the vet tech will only wear these clothes while working in the field, and dress in normal attire after his or her shift has ended.

Other Considerations

Vet techs should also check with their employer in order to determine whether jewelry is allowable in the clinic or business.

In some cases, veterinarians may prefer that their employees avoid wearing obvious jewelry, especially in areas where it may get in the way or pose a hazard. In other cases, the employer may permit most types of jewelry so long as the jewelry is not offensive to coworkers or customers.

Contact Lenses Glasses

Finally, a vet tech should check with his or her employer about whether or not contact lenses are permitted during work hours. In some cases, the vet tech may be working around chemicals that make wearing contact lenses inadvisable.

If so, the vet tech will need to obtain glasses that can be worn during work hours. However, in most cases, the vet tech will probably be allowed to wear contact lenses if he or she desires.

Ultimately, a vet tech’s clothing must be both attractive and practical. By choosing the correct type of clothing for the job, the vet tech can ensure that he or she presents a professional and comforting appearance to those clients who are entrusting their beloved companion animal to the vet tech’s care.

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