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How Vet Tech Students Benefit From Joining The SCNAVTA

Becoming a veterinary technician is an increasingly attractive decision for newly graduated students and individuals seeking to transition to a new career alike. Because of the high value many Americans place on the health and comfort of their pets, the veterinary care sector is currently experiencing sustained and robust growth.

As an important part of the veterinary care sector, veterinary technicians are at the forefront of this growth, making this field one with excellent professional and salary options.

However, many individuals seeking to become licensed vet techs also desire to take actions to show that they are capable of providing highly skilled leadership in the veterinary care field.

By doing so, they can improve their employment prospects once they have graduated and have obtained a veterinary technician’s license or certificate. One method of doing this is to join the Student Chapter of the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (SCNAVTA).

What is the SCNAVTA?

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The SCNAVTA is a part of the National Association of Veterinary Technicians in America (NAVTA). It is designed to work with those individuals who are seeking to become veterinary technicians, but who are still enrolled in school.

As such, it promotes activities designed to assist veterinary technicians attain a high degree of professionalism and leadership skills. Because it is a professionally recognized part of the NAVTA, this organization is also highly respected by vet techs, veterinarians and other veterinary professionals.

The SCNAVTA is organized around local school chapters, which direct their own affairs under the general guidance of the national organization’s bylaws. SCNAVTA chapters organize volunteer work, elect their own officers and engage in fundraisers, all with the intention of increasing the visibility of the veterinary technician career among members and nonmembers alike. As a part of this, these chapters actively recruit students in their school’s veterinary technician program.

The Benefits of Joining a SCNAVTA Chapter

There are a number of benefits to joining an SCNAVTA chapter. They include the ability to develop leadership skills, make personal and professional connections with other veterinary professionals and improve the student’s understanding of the veterinary science. As such, joining a SCNAVTA chapter can dramatically improve the student’s ability to develop professional and personal skills that will aid in obtaining a job after graduation.

Developing Leadership Skills

Local chapters elect their own chapter officers and this can allow a student to obtain a leadership position. Not only does this allow the student to gain valuable management and leadership experience but he or she will often be in the position of speaking with other veterinary professionals as a part of the position’s duties. This can assist the student create a favorable impression of his or her professionalism, which can help in finding a post-graduation career.

In addition to personal leadership skills, becoming an officer will help the student develop the management skills that are so vital to running an effective veterinary clinic. Whether the student is later hired to manage veterinary aides or primarily works alone, the skills he or she obtains by participating in the SCNAVTA will result in dramatically improved job performance.

Networking in the SCNAVTA

One of the most important parts of any successful career is the ability to form personal and professional connections. This “networking,” as it is commonly known, can help a newly graduated student find a job, obtain information on potential opportunities and find professional help should he or she need it. The SCNAVTA is an excellent way to network with other individuals, whether they are fellow students or experienced veterinarians who are associated with the chapter.

This networking process does not end once the student has graduated. In many cases, a former student will remain active in his or her chapter in order to assist student members in completing their studies. In addition, a graduate can make use of the connections he or she formed in the SCNAVTA for many years after the student’s graduation. In many cases, fellow members of a SCNAVTA chapter will remain in contact for their entire professional career.

Educational Opportunities in the SCNAVTA

Many college chapters provide excellent educational opportunities. Whether it is hosting conferences and presentations by veterinarians, or providing study sessions for members, SCNAVTA chapters can help ensure that their members go on to successfully pass the veterinary technician program. In fact, some chapters also include competitive grants and scholarships, which can help economically disadvantaged students continue their education.

In some cases, SCNAVTA chapters can help their members enter into internships with veterinary clinics or other businesses. This can be extremely helpful, as it allows the student to gain practical experience as a veterinary assistant and may eventually lead to the student being able to obtain employment immediately after gradation.

Ultimately, the SCNAVTA provides a vital service for those students who desire to get the most out of their school experience. Its wide range of personal and professional experience makes the SCNAVTA an excellent choice for those students who are interested in focusing on becoming the best veterinary technicians they can possibly be

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