Vet Tech Schools In Arizona

Vet Tech Schools In Arizona

Veterinary tech schools in Arizona provide a good start to a rewarding future for residents who have a passion for animal health.

These schools welcome individuals who want to join this recession-free industry. What is great about being a veterinary technician is that the job market for this profession is always active.

The demand for vet techs is increasing, and so is the number of schools that offer these programs. Aspiring vet techs in Arizona have a lot of options for vet tech programs.

They can either enroll in an associate or bachelor’s degree program. People who are looking for an on-campus or online vet tech program can surely find one in Arizona

The competition is getting tougher because of the growing demand for vet techs. With this, it is important to choose the best schools that can guarantee excellent training and education.

However, there are many vet tech schools in Arizona. The plethora of choices makes it hard for future vet techs to find the most suitable school for them.

Fortunately, there some basic steps that future vet techs should follow in order to come up with the best decision.

Five Factors to Consider before Choosing a Vet Tech School in Arizona

• School Programsvet tech schools in arizona

There are many colleges and universities in Arizona that offer vet tech programs. Some institutions offer both diploma and degree options for vet techs. It is always best to decide on what program students prefer before deciding which vet tech school to enroll in.

Future vet techs should ensure that the school they choose can provide them the program that they need. To be safe, it is always wise to know the specialty programs offered by each school. Some schools may offer online programs that can be very suitable for part-time students.

• School Facilities and Affiliations

A reputable vet tech school will invest a lot in facilities. They make sure that they provide students with a learning environment that is almost close to reality. Veterinary technology keeps on advancing.

With this, students should learn how to handle equipment and tools that are typically available in animal clinics and hospitals.

A vet tech school should have facilities where students can use classroom theories in practical applications. Individuals should make sure to gather information regarding the school’s facilities to ensure that they can get the necessary training and skills development.

Students are required to complete a number of internship or practicum hours in the later part of the vet tech course. With this, they have to work with a licensed veterinarian in their clinic.

The school usually arranges student clinical assignments. Good schools are affiliated with reputable animal clinics and other related facilities.

Students should know the school’s affiliations because it can have a great impact when they apply for work after they graduate.

• School Instructors

No matter how comprehensive the curriculum is, it is still useless without licensed and experienced instructors. Future vet techs should only be trained by professionals who have first-hand experience in the area. This will ensure that students learn and develop skills according to the standards set in the animal health industry.

The best way to gather information about instructors is from the school itself. Otherwise, prospective students may seek information from students who are currently studying at the school. Doing so will give them a clearer picture of what to expect from the instructors. In addition, they will be more confident in choosing a particular vet tech school.

• Number of Licensed Vet Techs Produced

Education and training are prerequisites for taking national licensure exams for vet techs. Both of these can be obtained in school. The number of successful licensed vet techs produced by the school can determine the school’s academic and practical performance.

• Vet Tech School Accreditation

Accreditation is perhaps the most important factor in choosing a reliable veterinary technician school. A vet tech school should have AVMA accreditation. Otherwise, their graduates will not be eligible for licensure exams.

The AVMA oversees all vet tech schools. The organization makes sure that all programs adhere to its standards.

Full AVMA accreditation means that the vet tech school has met the basic requirements of the organization. Not all vet tech schools have full accreditation.

Courses to Study at a Vet Tech School

A vet tech program covers a vast range of information and skills. All these courses aim to prepare students for jobs in real life settings like animal hospitals, clinics or shelters. The basics include animal anatomy and physiology, proper animal care, specimen collection and the use of lab equipment.

There are also more advanced topics like diagnostic imaging, dentistry techniques, animal pathophysiology, large animal medicine and veterinary office management. These topics are commonly covered in both associate and bachelor’s degree programs.

Career Options for Graduates of Vet Tech Schools in Arizona

There are many opportunities for students who finish vet tech programs. They can work in many different animal health facilities.

Licensed vet techs may handle more challenging tasks and receive higher pay.

On the other hand, unlicensed vet techs will likely work under vet techs who have licenses.

Vet techs can choose to work in animal shelters and hospitals, private veterinary clinics, animal nursing facilities, animal training organizations and zoos.

Vet Tech Schools in Arizona

  • Anthem College in Phoenix offers both on-campus and online vet tech associate degree and diploma programs. It is a private school that requires 21 months to complete the vet tech program. Applicants should have a high school diploma or GED in order to qualify for the program. The school helps vet tech students acquire federal grants and loans. After graduation, students get support from the Career Service Department.
  • Mesa Community College offers an associate degree in Veterinary Technology and Animal Health. The school requires aspiring vet techs to have a GED or a high school diploma. They are also required to have prior coursework in biology, basic animal science, algebra, chemistry, social or behavioral science, critical reading, arts, economics and humanities. The school’s vet tech program has a two-year curriculum with added classes in office management and accounting. Students are required to complete four clinical rotations in order to graduate.
  • Prima Community College also offers an associate degree in veterinary technology. To qualify for the program, applicants should be able to pass the placement tests. They are also required to have taken courses in biology, chemistry, computer science and mathematics.

Other Arizona Vet Tech Schools

  • Kaplan College KHE caters to aspiring associate vet techs.
  • Carrington College offers a certificate for veterinary assistants and technicians.
  • Ashworth College offers an online diploma for vet techs.
  • Stratford Career Institute also offers an online diploma in veterinary technology.

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