Vet Tech Programs In New York

Vet Tech Programs In New York

Becoming a New York Vet Tech

New York is a state with a unique combination of heavily populated urban areas, suburban communities and rural communities that make the state one of the most dynamic economic regions in America.

New York is ideally suited to individuals seeking a career as a New York Veterinary Technician. Because of this, obtaining a New York vet tech license can be an excellent career choice.

Vet Tech Careers in New York

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) currently estimates that the field of veterinary technology is facing robust growth options through 2020. With over 3,900 vet techs currently employed in New York, vacancies due to retirement and natural job growth will leave abundant employment opportunities available for new vet techs. In addition, the median annual salary in New York for vet techs is over $32,000, which is higher than the national median wage.

Becoming a New York Vet Tech

Veterinary technicians must be licensed by the New York State Educational Department (NYSED). The requirements for licensure include attending a qualified veterinary technology program, passing the Veterinary Technician National Examination (VTNE) or being able to prove licensure in another state if the candidate is seeking to be licensed by endorsement.

Veterinary Tech Programs

New York requires that all candidates complete a two-year vet tech program that has been accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), or has otherwise been approved by the NYSED. This ensures that the educational institution complies with the currently accepted standards for providing high quality training for students intending to become veterinary technicians. A student should always ensure that his or her vet tech program is in good standing with the NYSED and the AVMA, as failure to do so may lead to the program being disallowed by the state.

Vet tech programs take two years for a full-time student, although part-time and distance-learning options are available for those students who cannot attend classes on a regular schedule. This can be beneficial for students who are currently employed while attending the program, allowing them to complete the majority of their program at their own pace.

Completing the VTNE

When the students have either graduated their vet tech program, or is within six months of doing so, they may then sign up to take the VTNE. This exam is a comprehensive exam that covers all aspects of a vet tech’s duties and required practical and academic skills. In order to pass the VTNE, the student must score at least 425 on the exam.

The VTNE is administered through the American Association of Veterinary State Boards (AAVSB), which continually updates the exam in order to ensure that it remains current with the modern state of veterinary medical practice. If a student fails the exam, he or she may retake the VTNE, but the AAVSB reserves the right to limit the number of attempts and to require extra measures on the part of the candidate. For this reason, it is extremely important that students only take the VTNE when they are confident of success.

Licensure by Endorsement

Veterinary technicians that have been licensed by other states may be licensed by endorsement in New York. The requirements for licensure by endorsement are the following:

  • The vet tech must have completed all veterinary technician educational requirements in his or her home state.
  • Must have been practicing in that state for at least two years before moving to New York.
  • Must not have failed any New York licensing exam, either before or after moving to the state.

It is important to note that the NYSED will make the final determination of the acceptability of the home state’s educational and licensure standards. For that reason, anyone intending to move to New York should be certain to determine whether the NYSED will accept his or her license.

Continuing Education and License Renewal

After completing the program and the VTNE, the candidate may apply to the NYSED in order to be licensed. The NYSED requires that vet techs renew their licenses every three years. Vet techs must complete at least 24 hours of acceptable continuing education during that period in order to be approved for license renewal. The NYSED determines what types of continuing education are acceptable, and a veterinary technician should make certain to verify their continuing education with the NYSED before the license renewal deadline.

Becoming a vet tech in New York is an excellent career decision, whether the individual is newly graduated from high school or is seeking to transition to a new career. In addition to the career and salary options, a vet tech also enjoys the respect of his or her fellow veterinary care professionals and the public alike.

Vet Tech & Assistant Programs In New York

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