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Top 7 Veterinary Technician Schools in the U.S.

Are you an aspiring veterinary technician who is having a hard time choosing a school to attend?

There is a vast array of outstanding colleges and universities in the U.S. that offer approved vet tech programs. Unfortunately, this fact may make your decision even more difficult.

As such, we have compiled a short list of the top seven vet tech schools in the U.S. and a brief description of each.

Michigan State University

avian veteterinary techMichigan State University is among the top research universities in the United States. Located in East Lansing, Michigan, MSU was founded in 1855 and was the first educational facility in the U.S. to offer an agricultural program. At this time, it was known as Agricultural College of the State of Michigan.

Over the years, the school’s name changed several times until 1964 when it was dubbed Michigan State University.

Michigan State offers over 200 programs in a broad range of fields including one of the best vet tech programs in the country.

Graduates of MSU’s vet tech program will earn a bachelor of science degree in veterinary technology.

Purdue University

Purdue University, which is located in West Lafayette, Indiana, was founded in 1869 and appropriately named after its founder: John Purdue.

The school opened its doors in September of 1874 with just six instructors and 39 pupils. Today, Purdue is among the country’s finest research facilities and known best for its commitment to excellence.

Aspiring vet techs who wish to attend Purdue can choose to pursue an associate of applied science degree or a bachelor of science degree in veterinary technology.

The school offers both online and on-campus study options; however, it is recommended to apply at least one year in advance to secure a position in your program of choice.

University of Nebraska

If you would like to work with zoo animals, wildlife or marine life upon graduating, the University of Nebraska at Lincoln is the school for you! UNL offers special training for students who would like to obtain employment in such settings as zoos, wildlife centers, aquariums and marine life centers.

Graduates of the University of Nebraska’s veterinary technology program will earn a bachelor of science degree.

The University of Nebraska is located in Lincoln, Nebraska and was founded in 1869. Despite its low attendance during these early years, UNL saw major growth during the 20th century welcoming nearly 4,000 students in 1909.

Central Carolina Community College

Central Carolina Community College offers the perfect program for veterinary technician students who want to work in such facilities as small animal clinics, animal hospitals or animal urgent care centers. Graduates of CCCC’s veterinary technology program will be awarded an associate in applied science degree.

Located in North Carolina, Central Carolina Community College was founded in 1961. At this time, the school was named the Lee County Industrial Education Center.

The first class taught at CCCC was Job Instruction Training. Today, the school system offers a broad range of programs at campuses located in Chatham, Lee and Sanford counties.

Miami Dade College

Another great school for people who want to work in small animal practices is Miami Dade College. This school offers eight immaculate campuses situated throughout the Miami/Dade area. MDC accepted its first students in 1960 and had a total enrollment of just over 1,400 pupils. At this time, the school was named Chicken Coop College.

This was the first integrated higher education facility in Florida. Today, Miami Dade College typically enjoys an enrollment of about 165,000 students each year. In addition to the associate in science degree veterinary technology program, the school also offers more than 150 other top-quality training programs.

Colorado Mountain College

If your goal is to work with large animals in such work settings as large animal practices or zoological parks, the ideal school to attend is Colorado Mountain College.

CMC is a unique facility in Colorado that is home to to a farm consisting of nearly 200 animals including cattle, sheep, horses and llamas.

CMC was established in 1967 and has been named by the Aspen Institute’s College Excellence Program as one of the top community colleges in the United States.

It was also listed among the top 20 community colleges by CNN/Money. Students who graduate from the school’s vet tech program will receive an associate degree in applied science.

Mercy College

Mercy College was founded in 1950 by the Sisters of Mercy in Tarrytown, New York. The school became popular rather quickly and began offering bachelor degree programs in 1961. Today, MC offers nearly 100 different programs and enjoys an enrollment of approximately 11,650 students per year.

Mercy College’s veterinary technology program awards vet tech graduates with a bachelor degree in veterinary technology.

This is an unparalleled program that offers exciting veterinary technician externships in such facilities as top veterinary practices, animal specialty centers and local zoos.

Veterinary technology is a lucrative field that is expected to grow by about 30 percent until the year 2020. What this means for you is that there will likely be ample job opportunities for you upon graduation.

There are many excellent schools in the U.S. that offer fine vet tech programs, and the above schools are among the best.

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