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Top 6 Vet Tech Schools in Houston, Texas

Have you decided to become a veterinary technician but would like some assistance locating a good school in Houston?

Before you can obtain employment as a vet tech, you must complete a training program that has been approved by the American Veterinary Medical Association.

There are several schools in the Houston, Texas area that offer such programs, and the following six facilities are among the best.

The Vet Tech Institutevet tech schools in houston texas

You will find the Vet Tech Institute located on Southwest Freeway in Houston, Texas. VTI has seven campuses across the U.S., and has been in operation since 1958. In its early years, it was known as the Median School of Allied Health Careers. Graduates of the Vet Tech Institute’s program will earn an associate of applied science degree in veterinary technology.

VTI’s program is fully approved by the AVMA, and if you choose to attend full time, you can complete your training in as little as 18 months.

As a student of VTI, you can choose to serve your externship with one of various local animal clinics or hospitals, research centers, or large animal practices.

Lone Star College

Lone Star College was established in 1972, at which time it was named North Harris County College. As the school expanded beyond Harris County, the name was changed in 2007 to Lone Star College. Today, there are seven Lone Star College campuses located throughout the Houston area.

It was in 1988 when the school added a veterinary technology program, which is now taught at the Tomball campus. LSC accepts between 40 and 60 students per year for its vet tech program. Upon completion of the program, graduates are awarded an associate of applied science degree in veterinary technology.

Blinn College

Located on Blinn Blvd. in nearby Bryan Texas, you will find Blinn College. Blinn College was founded in 1883 by the Southern German Conference. Its original name was Mission Institute but was changed in 1889 to Blinn Memorial College in honor of Reverend Christian Blinn who had helped fund the school’s construction.

Blinn College offers a two-year veterinary technology program that awards graduates with an associate in applied science degree. This is a highly competitive program; thus, the school recommends that students apply for a position at least one year in advance of the fall semester in which they wish to begin classes.

Palo Alto College

Palo Alto College is located in San Antonio, which is just a short distance from Houston. PAC opened its doors in 1985 with the goal of preparing students for gainful employment or transfers to four-year universities. Although PAC began with only 234 students, a typical enrollment for the school today is about 9,000 students per year.

The veterinary technology program at Palo Alto College provides aspiring vet techs with the skills and knowledge they will need to work in a variety of veterinary medicine-related facilities. Graduates of this two-year program will be awarded an associate of applied science degree in veterinary technology.

McLennan Community College

Another fine vet tech school in the Houston area is McLennan Community College. MCC is located on College Drive in Waco just north of Houston.

This unique facility was established in 1965 by McLennan County citizens. The main goals of MCC are to provide students with top-quality education and prepare them for their chosen careers.

Approved by the American Veterinary Medical Association, MCC’s veterinary technology program is an intensive curriculum designed to prepare students for careers in various veterinary medicine work settings. Students who graduate from this two-year program will earn an associate in applied sciences degree.

Cedar Valley College

Cedar Valley College was founded in 1964 and opened its doors to students in 1977. You will find CVC located on North Dallas Avenue in Lancaster, Texas, which is north of Houston. While Cedar Valley is a bit of a drive for Houston students, the school offers distance education options for aspiring veterinary technicians.

This is a lovely campus that has won many awards for its outstanding architecture and beautiful landscaping.

The veterinary technology program, which was added to the school’s list of programs in 1978, fully prepares students for the vet tech national exam. Graduates of the program will earn an associate degree in applied science.

These are the top six vet tech schools in and around Houston today. There are many benefits you can enjoy if you choose to become a veterinary technician.

Not only will you enjoy plentiful employment opportunities and flexible work environments, but you will also enjoy comfortable wages and an abundance of emotional satisfaction.

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