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Top 5 Vet Tech Specialties to Pursue Today

Are you thinking about becoming a veterinary technician, or are you a vet tech who would like to advance in your career? If you can relate to either of these situations, we have some valuable information for you!

Vet techs who choose to specialize in a specific area of veterinary medicine not only enjoy higher levels of recognition in their field, but they earn bigger paychecks as well!

There are many veterinary technician specialties that you can choose to work within, and new ones are being offered by major veterinary certification boards every year!

So, just what are the most popular veterinary technician specialties today?

While this may be up for debate depending on your location, you will find five of the top vet tech specialties described below.

Veterinary Dental Technicians

vet tech schools in californiaMore and more pet owners today are realizing the importance of their pets’ oral and dental health.

As such, there has been a growing need for qualified veterinary dental technicians.

According to Indeed Salary, the overall average salary for persons in this field is about $28,000 per year.

Veterinary dental technicians can be found working in many different work settings including small animal clinics and hospitals, large animal practices, zoos, research facilities, and marine life centers.

These professionals are responsible for many important tasks including those that you will find listed below.

  • Assessing Oral and Dental Health
  • Assisting Veterinarians During Dental Procedures
  • Taking and Developing Dental X-rays
  • Cleaning Animals’ Teeth
  • Educating Pet Owners on Proper Dental Care for Pets
  • Performing Minor Dental Treatments

Veterinary Surgical Technicians

Veterinary surgical technicians are responsible for many important tasks in a large variety of work settings. Just a few of the places where you can find these professionals working include small animal clinics and hospitals, large animal practices, animal urgent care centers, zoos, and wildlife centers.

If you choose this exciting occupation, you can expect to earn an average of $28,000 per year. Of course, this figure may be higher or lower depending on your location, experience and employer.

While your daily duties may vary depending on your chosen work setting, some common tasks of veterinary surgical technicians are as follows:

  • Drawing Blood
  • Performing Pre-surgical Laboratory Tests
  • Preparing Surgical Sites
  • Assisting Veterinarians During Surgery
  • Placing Catheters and IVs
  • Applying and Changing Dressings
  • Taking and Developing X-rays
  • Operating Surgical Equipment
  • Educating Pet Owners on Proper Post-surgery Care

Veterinary Technician Anesthetists

The jobs of veterinary technician anesthetists are similar to those of vet techs specializing in surgery; however, there are some differences.

Specialists in this field are vital to medical teams in a variety of facilities including veterinary clinics, animal hospitals, animal urgent care centers, zoos and wildlife centers.

This specialty is growing in popularity today, due mainly to the fact that it pays extremely well. According to statistics provided by Indeed Salary, the average salary for veterinary technician anesthetists in 2014 was $43,000 per year.

If you choose this profession, some duties you may be responsible for can be found here.

  • Assisting Veterinarians During Diagnostic Procedures
  • Prepping Animals for Surgical Procedures
  • Administering IV Fluids
  • Assisting Veterinarians During Surgical Procedures
  • Administering Anesthesia
  • Managing Ventilation
  • Monitoring Animals and Equipment During Surgical Procedures
  • Adjusting Equipment When Necessary During Surgical Procedures

Laboratory Animal Veterinary Technicians

Laboratory animal veterinary technicians are essential to research teams across the country.

Persons in this occupation can typically be found in such work environments as private research centers, government-run research facilities, biotechnology labs, veterinary schools and pharmaceutical companies.

As reported by Indeed Salary, the average yearly salary for lab animal vet techs is about $29,000. The tasks you will partake in as a lab animal vet tech will vary depending on your employer and your employer’s goals.

However, some common tasks you may be involved in on a daily basis are as follows:

  • Providing Basic Care for Lab Animals
  • Monitoring Animals’ Behavior
  • Reporting Unusual Behavior to Veterinarians
  • Assisting Veterinarians During Exams and Procedures
  • Drawing Blood and Taking Other Samples
  • Collecting and Maintaining Data
  • Writing Reports
  • Cleaning and Maintaining Equipment
  • Maintaining a Sterile Work Environment

Clinical/Small Animal Practice Veterinary Technicians

Perhaps the most popular vet tech specialty today is the clinical/small animal practice technician. This specialty is also the one that is highest in demand.

Vet techs who specialize in small animal practices are involved in a broad range of activities depending on their employers of choice.

Most people who choose to work in small animal clinical practices can be found in such environments as small animal clinics, animal hospitals and animal urgent care centers.

Indeed Salary has reported the average salary for experts in this specialty as $33,000 per year. Common tasks of clinical/small animal practice vet techs are listed below.

  • Taking and Recording Animals’ Vital Signs
  • Drawing Blood and Taking Other Samples
  • Assisting Veterinarians During Examinations and Procedures
  • Administering Medication and IV Fluids
  • Maintaining Medical Equipment
  • Maintaining a Sterile Work Environment
  • Performing Laboratory Tests
  • Applying and Changing Dressings

Careers in veterinary technology are not only growing in popularity today, but the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that positions in this field will grow at a rate of 30 percent until 2022.

Furthermore, by earning a specialty credential in veterinary technology, you can significantly increase your job opportunities.