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Who Works at Veterinary Clinics and Hospitals?

If you have a pet that is a member of your family, you have most likely visited a veterinary clinic or hospital on numerous occasions. During your visits, you may have noticed the many different people working in the facility. However, have you ever wondered about the responsibilities of each one and what their titles […]


Veterinary Technician to Veterinarian: Is it Possible?

Are you a veterinary technician who would like to become a veterinarian? Have you been wondering whether or not your vet tech training and experience can be applied towards a doctor of veterinary medicine program? While some people say that vet tech degrees and work experience can be applied to a DVM program, others say […]


Change Of Career Direction Q And A

Here at the Vet Tech Guide we get quite a few questions. We’re not always able to answer all of them for many reasons, but we can in some cases answer questions and/or ┬ádirect readers to where they can get them answered. Question: I am currently in my last semester in college and will be […]