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Change Of Career Direction Q And A

Here at the Vet Tech Guide we get quite a few questions. We’re not always able to answer all of them for many reasons, but we can in some cases answer questions and/or  direct readers to where they can get them answered. Question: I am currently in my last semester in college and will be […]


The Schooling Behind The Veterinary Technician – Real Life Stories

I’ve always worked with animals from the time I joined the workforce in high school. I started off working at Petsmart while trying to get my foot into the door of an animal hospital. Once I became of age, I worked as a receptionist for a few years, and then finally got the chance to […]


Working in the Field of Veterinary Nutrition

One of the most important developments in veterinary and medical care alike is the realization that preventing illness and ensuring a healthy and long life often requires a healthy lifestyle and diet plan. Among veterinarians, the impact of the provision of a healthy diet for pets of all types has become increasingly obvious. Unfortunately, many […]