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Veterinary Technician Schools In California

Becoming a Registered Veterinary Technician in California The California veterinary care sector is enjoying dynamic and sustained growth. With a growing number of private individuals and businesses requiring high quality animal care, the need for veterinary professionals is higher than it has ever been. Because of this, becoming a vet tech in California can be […]


Vet Tech Schools And Programs

Veterinary tech schools prepare students to take careers in the animal health industry. Veterinary technicians work in animal clinics. They assist veterinarians in taking care of the animals. Vet techs may handle things such as primary animal care, administering vaccines and medicine, laboratory work and kennel maintenance. They may even be allowed to assist licensed […]


The Schooling Behind The Veterinary Technician – Real Life Stories

I’ve always worked with animals from the time I joined the workforce in high school. I started off working at Petsmart while trying to get my foot into the door of an animal hospital. Once I became of age, I worked as a receptionist for a few years, and then finally got the chance to […]