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7 Absolute Best Reasons To Be A Vet Tech

Why should an individual seek to become a vet tech? This is the first question anyone interested in this field should ask. Becoming a veterinary technician is a decision that will have life-long consequences as it is a career that requires a substantial amount of training. However there are many reasons why becoming a veterinary technician […]


Staying Awake in Class: How to Defeat the Urge to Sleep

One of the simplest challenges for a vet tech student can also be the most serious: staying awake in class. The fact is that many students struggle with remaining awake and fully aware in their classes during the day. This can often lead to the student doing poorly on his or her tests and worst […]


Short-Term Memory Exercises To Work Your Brain And Help You Study

We’ve all had problems with forgetting something that we just saw or heard. Putting down the car keys for a moment and then spending the rest of the day looking for them is a good example of short-term memory loss. Not only is it inconvenient, but it can be terribly stressful, especially if the memory […]


How to Take Notes from Textbook Effectively

Making Textbook Notes Work for You Taking effective notes is one of the most important skills a student can master. However, many students do not realize that taking notes from the instructor’s lectures is only one part of taking effective class notes. Another skill, and one that is far less common, is learning how to […]