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Veterinary Technicians: Common Laboratory Responsibilities

Most all veterinary clinics, hospitals, and research facilities have laboratories that are used to help diagnose various illnesses and other health problems in domesticated and wild animals. Typically, it is veterinary technicians who perform laboratory tests and report their findings to the veterinarian in charge. However, just what types of tasks do these professionals perform, […]


The Internal Medicine Speciality And The Veterinary Technician

Today it is likely that pets are more treasured than at any previous time in history. They are the beloved companions of young and old alike, and many families see their pets as family members, not possessions. Due to this, many owners demand the best possible care for their pets, leading to a level of […]


Veterinary Technician Specialties – Dental Technicians

Becoming a veterinary technician is a very good career choice due to projections of growth in future job openings. The number of available vet tech job positions is expected to keep increasing, yet many of them remain unfilled. Qualified veterinary technicians are generally not as vulnerable to job loss during an economic recession. Demand for […]


Veterinary Technicians: Performing X-rays

Veterinary technicians are responsible for performing a variety of essential tasks in animal clinics, hospitals and other facilities that offer veterinary services. One of the most common of these tasks is taking and developing x-rays. While it is up to the veterinarian to determine if an x-ray is necessary, it is typically the vet tech […]


All About Avian Veterinary Technicians

When many people think of veterinary technicians, they often picture professionals who assist veterinarians in the care of cats and dogs. However, vet techs can provide basic care to many more types of animals including farm animals, zoo animals, wildlife, marine life, rodents and birds. Those who choose to specialize in the care of birds […]