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Staying Awake in Class: How to Defeat the Urge to Sleep

One of the simplest challenges for a vet tech student can also be the most serious: staying awake in class. The fact is that many students struggle with remaining awake and fully aware in their classes during the day. This can often lead to the student doing poorly on his or her tests and worst […]


Veterinary Technicians and Client Interactions

When many people decide to begin careers as veterinary technicians, they think that knowing how to deal with animals is all that is important to being successful. However, this is simply not true. In fact, interacting with clients is a main component of veterinary technicians’ tasks and can take up a large portion of their […]


Change Of Career Direction Q And A

Here at the Vet Tech Guide we get quite a few questions. We’re not always able to answer all of them for many reasons, but we can in some cases answer questions and/or ┬ádirect readers to where they can get them answered. Question: I am currently in my last semester in college and will be […]