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5 Reasons To Avoid A Career As A Vet Tech

For many, becoming a vet tech is an easy decision, leading them to enter a profession with excellent career stability and advancement prospects. However, like all career decisions, becoming a vet tech is not a choice that should be made lightly, especially given its educational and licensing requirements. In many cases, those who rush into […]


Creating a Compelling Veterinary Tech Job Resume

For individuals seeking to gain employment as veterinary technicians, creating an attractive and compelling resume is a vital step. Not only does an effective resume help demonstrate the job applicant’s qualifications, but it can often help demonstrate why he or she would be an asset to the veterinary clinic, laboratory or government agency the individual […]


Veterinary Tech Job Search Tips

How to Maximize the Probability of Being Employed as a Vet Tech Veterinary technicians are an integral part of America’s rapidly growing pet care sector, and becoming a vet tech can be a pathway to a professionally and personally rewarding career. However, in order to make the most of their career, a vet tech should […]