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All About Becoming An Animal Psychologist

Do you have an intense love for animals? Are you intrigued by what is going on in their heads when they behave the way that they do? If you can relate to all of this, why not consider becoming an animal psychologist? Not only will a career in this field allow you to explore the […]


The Vet Tech Credentials That Pay Off

In today’s highly competitive field of veterinary technology, it is of the utmost importance for people to prove their worth to potential employers. One of the best ways of accomplishing this is by pursuing various advanced credentials, also known as specialty credentials. There are currently many of these types of certifications available today; however, we […]


Animal Care Specialists In The Army

Animal Care Specialists In The Army and Army Veterinary Technician The United States Army provides veterinary care services for all of the other armed forces, in addition to a variety of civilian groups. Because of this, individuals seeking to care for animals often choose to join the Army in order to take part in the […]