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Veterinary Technicians: Common Laboratory Responsibilities

Most all veterinary clinics, hospitals, and research facilities have laboratories that are used to help diagnose various illnesses and other health problems in domesticated and wild animals. Typically, it is veterinary technicians who perform laboratory tests and report their findings to the veterinarian in charge. However, just what types of tasks do these professionals perform, […]


Veterinary Technician Supervisor Job Description

Becoming a Vet Tech Supervisor Having an effective support staff is absolutely vital for any modern veterinary practice. Veterinary aides, veterinary technicians and other pet care professionals provide the assistance the veterinarian needs in order to ensure that the animals under his or her care receive the best possible veterinary care and oversight. Among the […]


How To Advance As A Veterinary Technician

Professional Development for Vet Techs Becoming a veterinary technician is an excellent path to a career that has excellent earning and advancement potential. Due to the rising importance of veterinary care in America, many organizations are currently experiencing a growing demand for qualified vet techs. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has determined […]