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The Joys And Tests Of Being A Vet Tech – Stories For Real

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last entry but boy has it been crazy!  I haven’t stopped by to write because I was completely slammed with that concept we call “LIFE”, the good, the bad and the ugly. Thankfully, I don’t have anything negative to write about.

Well, I did almost blow up my brothers Mercedes Benz while transporting a puppy, but all worked out well.  Both Benz and Max are good as new!

art by joanna zajusz

by Joanna Zajusz

Let’s just say things just got real… VERY REAL!!!  I am still working full time as a Vet Tech, volunteering with a local animal rescue, taking graduate courses, studying for my GREs, planning my trip to The Netherlands, and last but not least prepping my Vet School applications which are due October 1st.   With that being said, buckle up and enjoy the bumpy ride with me.

I haven’t felt this stressed and excited for a while at work, primarily because we have a new Veterinarian on staff.  He is great and very knowledgeable, but surgery would be so much more pleasant with a glass of wine as part of protocol.  (I’m only kidding!)  Truth is it’s just been nerve wracking.

Unlike in human medicine, in the Veterinary world, the vet tech wears MANY hats.  One minute you are cleaning up projectile diarrhea and the next you are holding a brand new precious puppy in your hand.

Simply put, we do it all! As Doc like to say,

“The techs keep the clinic and its’ patients alive.”

Aside from knowing and doing everything at the hospital, as a veterinary technician you also have to be very pliable.  Standard protocol with one Doctor is completely different with another.

Everyone just has their quirks and its part of my job to finesse it all.  It’s been a huge adjustment with Dr. Cohen on board.  He’s young and isn’t as seasoned yet.  Everything is VERY detailed and documented.

He takes his time and is extremely meticulous.  It’s a double edge sword.  Most of the time I’m all eyes and ears and I LOVE the way he teaches and explains everything.  Then there are moments I just want throw something at him and tell him that I’m not an octopus and can only do so much at once.

“No, I cannot write down vitals while I hold this cat’s mouth opened for you.  But when you figure out how to do that, let me know so I can practice!” (I say this only in my head, I promise 🙂 )

All joke aside though, we are very lucky to have Dr. Cohen on board.  He is a walking brain and an excellent veterinarian.   Besides teaching me the technicalities and science aspect of medicine, Dr. Cohen is being very helpful with my vet school application process.  (More on this in a later post.)

This entry has kind of been all over the place, just like my life these past few weeks.  For those of you reading this, I guess today I can leave you with one thought.  Remember to be pliable. Change is the only constant and the more flexible you are, the easier it is to wiggle through the tunnel of life.

-Embrace the change.

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