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Common Work Conditions for Vet Techs

Have you been thinking about becoming a veterinary technician but would like to learn more about the work conditions associated with the occupation?

If you have, we can help! As a vet tech, you will need to perform many different tasks including collecting lab samples, taking x-rays and cleaning teeth.

While the career can be quite rewarding, it can also be a bit challenging at times.

Typical Work Schedules

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While most veterinary technicians work full time, there are some that work part time. The shifts you will work as a vet tech depends on the type of facility you choose to work in.

For example, while most clinics and hospitals are open during regular daytime office hours, emergency clinics operate during the night.

Additionally, although clinics and hospitals are typically closed on weekends and holidays, emergency clinics are open during these times.

Finally, it is typically the vet tech’s responsibility to arrive at the facility before it is scheduled to open so that they can prepare for the day and care for any animals that are being housed there.

The Importance of Cleanliness

The work environment of a veterinary facility is extremely similar to human medical facilities. The examination rooms must be sparkling clean and well-organized so that all medical supplies and tools will be easy to find.

It is usually the vet tech’s job to clean and disinfect the exam rooms after each patient has been treated.

Further, surgical rooms must be kept clean at all times. This is true whether they have been used recently or not.

They should also be well-organized and kept stocked just in case of emergencies. After every surgical procedure, the entire room should be disinfected, and all of the surgical instruments must be sterilized.

Multi-tasking Skills

As a veterinary technician, you will find that you are often confronted with taking care of several tasks at the same time.

As such, you must have excellent multi-tasking skills. With the proper training, it should be no problem for you to collect a blood specimen, drop it off at the lab, give another pet a vaccination, help restrain an animal and collect a payment from a client all within just a few minutes.

Common Dangers of the Job

Due to the nature of the job, veterinary technician careers can be risky and even dangerous at times.

This is especially true for vet techs who choose to work for such facilities as zoos, wildlife centers, large animal practices and marine parks.

However, even in an animal clinic, hospital or research center there are certain dangers associated with vet tech careers.

When people bring their pets to a veterinary facility for treatment, the animals often become extremely nervous. Additionally, animals in research facilities may be quite frightened.

As such, there is a great risk of you getting scratched, bitten or kicked while handling your patients. Furthermore, trying to lift or move large, heavy animals can be very challenging.

Stresses of the Job

It can be extremely rewarding to witness the recovery of an animal patient that you helped treat.

However, just as there are many rewards associated with being a vet tech, there are many times when the job can be heartbreaking as well.

Veterinary technicians often see many animals that have severe injuries or serious illnesses requiring euthanasia.

Furthermore, those who choose to work in animal shelters are often faced with this heartbreaking situation on a daily basis.

Additionally, as a vet tech, you will need to help the veterinarian with this procedure. You may also be required to speak with the pets’ owners and/or offer them emotional support.

These are the common work conditions associated with a veterinary technician career. As you can see, these professionals are hard-working individuals who must learn how to work under varying amounts of pressure and stress.

However, when you consider all of the fabulous rewards that this career offers, any negative aspects will seem quite insignificant.

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