City Focus: Top 6 Vet Tech Schools in Chicago - Vet Tech Guide

City Focus: Top 6 Vet Tech Schools in Chicago

Is it your dream to become a veterinary technician?

Do you need help finding a school in Chicago, Illinois that offers approved vet tech training?

There are several excellent schools in the Chicago area that offer training in veterinary technology, and the six facilities described below are among the best.

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Fox College

Fox College was founded in 1932 by a former High School principal named Earl Fox. This is a somewhat small college system that maintains two campuses and offers programs for aspiring accountants, medical assistants, administrative assistants, physical therapist assistants and veterinary technicians.

The veterinary technology school at Fox College is offered at their Tinley Park campus through Vet Tech Institute. Students who choose to attend Fox College full time can finish the vet tech program in about 18 months, after which time they will be awarded an associate of applied science degree in veterinary technology.

Joliet Junior College

When Joliet Junior College opened its doors in 1901, it had a total of only six students. However, as the college added more programs to its curriculum, its enrollment began to grow. Today, during any typical year, JJC serves an average enrollment of approximately 35,000 students.

Joliet Junior College consists of three campuses and three learning centers located in Illinois. The veterinary technology program is offered strictly through the campus in Joliet. The school only accepts around 48 vet tech students per year, and graduates of the program earn an associate of applied science degree in veterinary technology.

Rockford Career College

Located on South Alpine Road in Rockford, you will find Rockford Career College. RCC was established in 1862, at which time it was named Rockford Business College. During these early years, Rockford Career College mainly offered such courses as typing, shorthand, penmanship and English.

However, as times changed, the school changed as well, and today RCC offers more than a dozen programs for such occupations as paralegals, information technologists, business administrators and veterinary technicians. Students who successfully complete Rockford’s vet tech program are granted associate of applied science degrees.

Parkland College

Parkland College is located in Champaign, Illinois, which is just south of Chicago. Parkland College was established in 1965 with the help and support of the surrounding area’s citizens. Originally, the school was known as Illinois Junior College; however, the name was changed to Parkland College in 1967.

PC offers more than 100 programs in various sectors including accounting, business management, automotive technology and veterinary technology. Parkland College’s two-year vet tech program provides students with associate in applied science degrees and the skills necessary for careers in veterinary technology.

Shawnee Community College

Located south of Chicago in the city of Ullin, you will find Shawnee Community College. SCC was founded in 1967 and opened its doors in September of 1969. Despite its humble beginnings, SCC gained popularity over the years, and today it provides about 7,000 students per year with the skills necessary for their chosen careers.

The vet tech program offered by Shawnee Community College is approved by the American Veterinary Medical Association and provides graduates with associate of applied science degrees. SCC accepts a limited number of vet tech students each year: As such, students need to apply for admission well in advance of their preferred starting dates.

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Kaskaskia College

Kaskaskia College can be found south of Chicago in the city of Centralia. Originally known as Centralia Township Junior College, Kaskaskia College opened its doors to a small number of students in 1940. Today, the school offers over 100 programs to more than 11,000 students each year.

Kaskaskia College’s veterinary technician program is fully approved by the AVMA, and full time students can complete their training within about two years, or five semesters. Those who graduate with acceptable GPAs are granted associate of applied science degrees in veterinary technology.

These are the top six vet tech schools in Chicago today. Veterinary technology is a popular field and for many terrific reasons. Just some of the benefits that this lucrative career offers includes plentiful employment possibilities, flexible work environments, excellent starting salaries and emotional satisfaction.

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