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Behind The Scenes Of Animal Shelter Medicine

While I was in school working on becoming a Veterinary Technician I jumped around to several jobs trying to figure out what was going to work best for me. I started out my animal career working at Petsmart, jumped to being a receptionist in a day practice, then onto working as a vet assistant in […]


The Schooling Behind The Veterinary Technician – Real Life Stories

I’ve always worked with animals from the time I joined the workforce in high school. I started off working at Petsmart while trying to get my foot into the door of an animal hospital. Once I became of age, I worked as a receptionist for a few years, and then finally got the chance to […]


The Joys And Tests Of Being A Vet Tech – Stories For Real

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last entry but boy has it been crazy!  I haven’t stopped by to write because I was completely slammed with that concept we call “LIFE”, the good, the bad and the ugly. Thankfully, I don’t have anything negative to write about. Well, I did almost blow up […]


Getting Hired As A Vet Tech, Tips From A Veterinary Clinic Owner

I posed a question to veterinary clinic owner, a veterinarian who’s been in the business nearly three decades. He also has been responsible for hiring veterinary technician, many of whom have been recent graduates. Question: Is there advice would could provide to a recent graduate of a veterinary technician program that would help him/her get […]


Stepping Up From A Veterinary Technician To Veterinarian

Everyone has their own reasons for picking a specific career path. For some, passion is the driving force. Yet, other cases, finances and family play a huge factor also in their decisions. For me, deciding to become a veterinary technician had several different reasons. First and foremost, it was my love and passion for animals […]