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Animal Care Specialists In The Army

Animal Care Specialists In The Army and Army Veterinary Technician The United States Army provides veterinary care services for all of the other armed forces, in addition to a variety of civilian groups. Because of this, individuals seeking to care for animals often choose to join the Army in order to take part in the […]


The Role Of A Vet Tech In A Natural Disaster

Vet Techs and Natural Disasters A natural disaster, whether localized or widespread, can cause tremendous suffering, not simply among humans, but also among domestic pets and production animals. Especially in the aftermath of major disasters such as Hurricane Katrina and Superstorm Sandy, the importance of providing support and veterinary services to these animals has become […]


Job Interview Preparation Tips From A Hypnotherapist

These tips are a contribution from Joanna Zajusz who is a hypnotherapist with InnerB Studio working with persons needing that extra help. The goal of these tips is to help you prepare yourself for a job interview at a veterinary clinic or wherever you may apply as a new or seasoned veterinary technician. How you […]


Veterinary Technician Supervisor Job Description

Becoming a Vet Tech Supervisor Having an effective support staff is absolutely vital for any modern veterinary practice. Veterinary aides, veterinary technicians and other pet care professionals provide the assistance the veterinarian needs in order to ensure that the animals under his or her care receive the best possible veterinary care and oversight. Among the […]


Preparing for Veterinary Technician Job Interview

You’ve paid your dues, studied hard and now it’s time to score that job. A Veterinary technician job interview can be rather intense due to the nature of the work at hand. The interviewer will not only want to gain a better understanding of your work ethic and personality, but also your technical skills. Many […]


Veterinary Technicians and the Large Animal Ranching Sector

While many people associate veterinarians and veterinary technicians with pets and other small animals, the fact is that there is a large and growing demand for veterinary professionals to work with large animals and livestock. In fact, the first veterinarians were mainly focused on working with the larger production and draft animals that were such […]


Different Types of Vet Tech Jobs Out There

Being a veterinary technician has many different rewards. Many people get into this profession, mainly because the like working with animals. Most people think that there are jobs out there in a veterinary hospital, and while this is true, there are many other vet tech jobs that don’t make you have to work in a […]


Vet Tech Jobs Market

Become A Veterinary Technician If you would like to combine a love for animals with an exciting and financially rewarding career should seriously consider careers available the growing field of veterinary medicine. As a veterinary technician you can positively impact animals lives and enrich your own life every working day. Vet tech jobs are in […]

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