A Day In The Life Of A Veterinary Technician

A Day In The Life Of A Veterinary Technician

A person who has a natural love for animals and a high interest in the helping patients may consider becoming a veterinary technician. Veterinarians are professionals who work with animal illnesses, injuries, and psychological issues.

Technicians work very closely with the veterinarians and provide a wide variety of services that make his or her job easier. To work in this field, a person must learn a particular skill set and acquire training either from an educational institution or from an experienced medical professional.

What is a Veterinary Technician?

veterinary technician on the jobA veterinary technician is someone who provides medical care and other services for animals. His or her tasks may vary depending on his or her licensing and certifications. A veterinary technician may have to perform clerical duties to help the front desk personnel.

Such duties may include answering telephones and booking appointments. He or she may also have to admit and discharge patients. Additionally, a veterinary technician may have to create and distribute discharge instructions and other patient information upon their release from the facility.

Veterinary technicians may also be responsible for giving patients medication and recording how they respond to such medication.

A technician with the proper certifications may also administer anesthesia as well as taking care of the equipment and monitoring patients for allergic reactions.

A technician is very helpful in the surgical area. He or she may have to prep the patients for surgery and provide them with emotional support if they appear fearful. He or she may also set up the surgical equipment for the surgeon and pass the equipment to him or her so that the focus can stay on the patient.

A technician who works in the lab may collect blood and urine samples from patients and conduct tests on those samples. He or she might also read the results of such tests and record them in the patient chart.

Some veterinary technicians help in the radiology department by taking X-rays and submitting them for examination by the doctor. Additionally, a technician’s job may include helping with the dental aspect of the field. A veterinarian may call on a technician to take images of a patient’s tooth. He or she may also ask the technician to brush or polish the patient’s teeth or assist with a dental surgical procedure.

Technicians also participate in training new technicians, counting inventory, receiving shipments, and cleaning patient areas. A technician’s work covers a broad area. Therefore, a person wishing to work in this field should have an extensive educational background.

Personality profile for VeterinaryTechnician

To be successful as a veterinary technician, one must have a distinct set of personality traits. Patience is the number one personality trait for a person in this field. A veterinary technician crosses the paths of people and animals from all walks of life. He or she must have the ability to handle adversity just as well as he or she handles a calm and friendly patient.

vet tech schools in californiaAnother trait a person should have for this field is confidence. Anyone who cares for animals must be confident in his or her job. This person must be sure that the information he or she is passing to the patients is correct and beneficial. A veterinary technician must help animal owners to nurse their pets back to health after surgery and other procedures. Lack of confidence destroys trust from patients. Therefore, a high confidence level can give someone an advantage over a person who is anxious or nervous around people and pets.

Empathy and sympathy are the other main personality traits in people who are successful veterinary technicians. A technician must be able to identify with both the owner and the pet. Understanding the patient’s pain and suffering helps to treat him or her effectively.

Additionally, being empathetic helps a technician to get on the same level with a patient and make that pet feel safe in the veterinarian’s hands. The technicians probably spend more time with the patients and their owners than the veterinarians. Therefore, it is important for that person know how to communicate on a personal level.

Educational requirements for Veterinary Technician

There are three main types of credentialed veterinary technicians: Certified Veterinary Technician (CVT), Licensed Veterinary Technician (LVT), and Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT). A Registered Veterinary Technician must graduate from an accredited RVT program. He or she must also complete 300 hours of specific education and pass a test to become registered.

To become a Licensed Veterinary technician, one must first obtain a two-year diploma from a college program in Veterinary Technology. He or she must then pass the Veterinary Technician National Examination. The individual must also have good moral character.

A Certified Veterinary Technician must obtain a two to four-year college degree. He or she must also pass the National Veterinary Technician exam. The individual should also take the Animal Science Exam.

Salary potential for Veterinary Technician

A person can earn a very rewarding salary becoming a veterinary technician. The lowest salary one would receive in this field is approximately $32,000. A more educated and experienced technician could earn up to $45,000. Salaries vary by educational background, location, facility, and individual employer.

A day in the life of a Veterinary Technician

A day in the life of a veterinary technician can be both rewarding and challenging. Workers will have experiences with angry pets as well as scared and happy pets. If the individual loves animals, the job can be very exciting. The day could fly by rather quickly if the facility has many patients booked for the day. One of the most enjoyed aspects of a job is the ability to have the day pass quickly.

Vet techs will also develop a larger sense of accomplishment with each day that passes. Knowing that he or she has enhanced the life of a pet and its owner is one of the best feelings a person in this field could have. After all, helping patients is the core function of anyone who works in the medical field.

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